Key Personnel

Damian MacLellan

Principal, B.Arch., OAA, MRAIC, NCARB. Damian is a senior architect and the principal. He graduated from Carleton University (Dean’s List) in 1987 and has been with S&H since 1988.



Jonathan Harper

Partner, B.Arch., OAA, MRAIC. Jon is a senior architect and partner. He graduated from Carleton University (with distinction) in 1987 and has been with S&H since 2000.



Steve O’Connor

Project Technologist, Arch. Tech., B.S.Sc. (ECO). Steve is a senior technologist and project manager. He graduated from Algonquin College in 1998 and has been with S&H since 2001.




Paul Jean Rene Schoeler (1923–2008)

B. Arch., MRAIC, RCA. Born in Toronto, ON, October 29, 1923, Paul Schoeler attended schools in France and Montréal (Académie St. Léon, École Polytechique), followed by service overseas, with the First Special Service Force in Italy. Wounded near Rome in 1944, Schoeler resumed studies in 1946, graduating at McGill University with a CMHC Scholarship (1951–53). Field studies included urban growth in the province of Québec and relocation of outports in Newfoundland. After a brief spell with the Federal Dpt. of Public Works, Schoeler went into private practice in 1958 in Ottawa.

Alexander McDonald Heaton (1926-2019)

B.Arch., MRAIC, FRIBA. Born in Clydeback, Scotland, December 31, 1926, Alex Heaton was educated in Scotland, attending the School of Architecture, University of Strathclyde. Heaton completed three and a half years service with the Royal Navy, and completed a course in Architecture, graduating with a B.Arch. in 1952 (Gold Medal). Heaton completed a post-graduate course in Landscape Architecture at University College, London (1953–55). Following five years architectural practice in London, UK, Heaton emigrated to Canada in 1957.