Crown Fit-up

DESCRIPTION: Schoeler & Heaton provided full design services for phased (three contracts), interior renovation to accommodate increased density of two floors of office space (guided by Workplace 2.0), replacement of entry curtain wall, and reconfiguration of entrance lobby to accommodate new security requirements.

Services included functional programming/design concept services, feasibility study and options analysis, design development, construct. documents, tender, construction administration, cost estimates (Class D, B, A).

As the prime consultant, S&H coordinated structural, M&E, interiors, costing, scheduling, commissioning, security, IT infrastructure, hardware, systems furniture & equipment specialists, universal accessibility, signage and wayfinding, and life safety.

YEAR: Phase One 2016; Phase Two 2017; Phase Three 2017

CLIENT: Public Services and Procurement Canada

AREA: 8,817 m²