Company Profile

With experience, comes reliability.

Schoeler & Heaton Architects has been providing architectural consulting services in the National Capital Region since 1958. Over the years, the firm has established a reputation for client service and design excellence, receiving numerous design awards for built projects. The firm is licensed to practice in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, and has extensive experience working with institutional, government, commercial and residential clients.

We are committed to the best contemporary design principles.

Schoeler & Heaton balances innovative use of superior technology and techniques with the delivery of solid, thoughtful and timeless design. We are proud of our record for providing clients with creative designs, on time and on budget.

Design should be universal.

Our firm has spoken at conferences and has led seminars on accessibility and universal design at numerous universities and design schools around the world. Together with our accessibility/wayfinding specialty consultant, The BFE Group, we ensure that universal design is an integral part of our work.

Sustainability is not an ‘appendix’ to design.

Sustainable design is a characteristic of our team’s built projects, reinforced by our ongoing research into the use of sustainable materials, building systems, and inventiveness in the design of the building skin. Our holistic approach to design has kept pace with the waves of public concern for the environment, while our sustainable development strategy aims to enhance the long-term and multifaceted quality of each project.

Each project is unique.

Because of this, we are committed to developing responsive working relationships with each of our clients, to find the most appropriate solution for each project. Focusing on communication and clarity in the design process allows us to create distinctive, contemporary designs that meet your functional, corporate and philosophical values.