Erzouli Residence

DESCRIPTION: The client purchased this 3-storey townhouse with the intent of transforming the traditional developer’s interior. The challenge was to give the 13’0” wide by 39’0” long house a feeling of openness and continuous space, using a modern architectural vocabulary.

With the only access to natural light through existing windows at each end of the floor plate, a reorganization of rooms on each floor allowed natural light to penetrate well into the core of the house, containing a new stairwell and new washrooms. Colour & material finishes, such as slate accent walls and Tavern Grade hardwood floors, were used to animate and add texture to the interiors. Custom millwork included kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. In addition, mechanical ductwork was reorganized to eliminate awkward bulkheads and allow for uninterrupted ceilings.

YEAR: 2002

AREA: 140 m²