Ebert Residence

DESCRIPTION: Schoeler & Heaton provided full architectural design services for the renovation of an existing residence in need of upgrades and expansion. The program included an independent living suite, a new main entry, a complete redesign of the façade, landscaping and site master planning to suit the prominent waterfront location. S&H made extensive use of simple natural materials and landscaping and juxtaposed them with clean modern detailing to exploit the natural setting.


Five years on, we continue to be delighted with the results both in terms of the aesthetic and the functional,and in fact in the harmony between the two. The exterior of the house continues to draw praise from neighbours, passerby, and film location scouts who have requested the house exterior and interior to be used for film production.

— I. Ebert, client

YEAR: 2001

CLIENT: I. Ebert

AREA: 470 m²