• 2012 Public Service Excellence Award for Innovation, Nitrate Film Preservation Facility
  • 2011 Chief of Protocol DFAIT, recognition, Canada Reception Centre, Recognised by International Preservation News for Sustainable Initiatives, Nitrate Film Preservation Facility
  • 2010 RAIC, Parks Canada, Lecture ‘Conserving Modern Architecture’, Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada
  • 2009 City of Ottawa Arch. Conservation Award, Supreme Court of Canada East Entry
  • 2008 OAA recognizes S&H’s 50 years of practice, Conserving Modern Architecture, RAIC, OAQ, Parks Canada Conferences
  • 2007 City of Ottawa Arch. Conservation Award, Building 59, CE Farm
  • 2006 City of Ottawa Accessibility By Design Award, Building 59, CE Farm; City of Ottawa Arch. Conservation Award, Supreme Court of Canada Offices
  • 2005 City of Ottawa Arch. Conservation Award, Supreme Court of Canada adaptive re-use


We’re proud of…

In the past 20 years, S&H has successfully delivered over 300 GoC projects.


  • 2006 S&H responsible for PSPC reviewing its policy on modern heritage building stock … your report on PDP I&II has generated significant reconsideration of how we approach buildings of this age… the goal is to ensure that good stewardship principles are in place even before these buildings become eligible for heritage designation. Thank you again for your excellent report. Bruce Lorimer, DG Real Property, PSPC.
  • 2004 OAA Award Excellence, Library of Parliament
  • 2001 Second in competition, MacDonald Cartier Airport
  • 1999 Second in competition, NCC Canada and the World Pavilion
  • 1997 Partially responsible for preservation of Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site, Baddeck Nova Scotia, report to Parks Canada
  • 1995 Planning & Architectural departments, University of Zulia in Maracaibo, Venezuela, provided universal accessibility workshops
  • 1987 Prix d’architecture Ro-Na, OAQ, Habitas
  • 1982 Award of Excellence, Canadian Architect, Cooperative de la Salle; Award of Excellence Canadian Architect, Robertson Residence
  • 1972 RAIC award, École secondaire Charlebois
  • 1969 Recognition by OAA & RH P.E. Trudeau, PSAC HQ
  • 1967 Expo67, Canada Pavilion
  • 1965 OAA Award of Excellence, IBM Building, Ottawa
  • 1964 Gold Medal Triennale di Milano, Canadian Weekend House